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Fifteen years ago,
Nearly exactly,
A dear friend accidentally
Renamed me
With three little letters
Typed out of order
At the end of the title
I was gifted at birth.
Little did I know then
The gift she was giving me
Because as it stuck
I clung
And it hardened around me
Like a chrysalis
While I tried to grow in to
All the things I was supposed to mean.
While I was busy
Trying to become a butterfly
I forgot that moths
Are beautiful too,
And couldn't remember
That I already have eyes
Like the ocean.
I couldn't remember that
I was already strong,
Already unbreakable
Even when feeling a bit broken—
Because I am capable of recovery.
I couldn't remember that I am
Earth, and fire, and the willow tree;
That I am sobriquet for
The universe, as well as friend;
That I am safe harbor and,
Most exquisitely,
The keeper of my keys.
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Melting Chocolate
I sit cocooned
In a sweater gifted by you
As a perfectly conical drop
Of layered chocolate and strawberry cream
Melts on my tongue,
Finding myself grateful for the memory provided
By declining a similar sweet morsel
From your hand extended in offering
As we flew laughing down the stairs;
A shared secret race to see
If we could reach the bottom of three flights
Before we heard the heavy door shut behind him.
The mischief lit your grinning face as you turned back
To hear my repeated, "No, thank you"
Over the slap and thud of our boot soles
On the open fronted concrete slabs
That, between my dogy depth perception
And mean old tricky knee,
Guaranteed your gain of half a flight
Before the bottom.
As your feet touched the tiles,
We remarked in unison
That the package was finally missing
And both grinned at the expected closing thud
Followed by measured footfalls from above.
He too commented on the package's disappearance
As he came around the last tight stairwell corner
Cigarette lit in the
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Mature content
Supernova (A Drabble) :iconkaierfly:Kaierfly 0 0
Mature content
Sharpness Opposite (A Drabble) :iconkaierfly:Kaierfly 0 0
Mature content
Something Beautiful (A Drabble) :iconkaierfly:Kaierfly 0 0
Alphabet at 10pm
Absense aches, acerbates, is acicular and piercing and all together
Beastly. Biting in places I don't need bitten.
Causing worry where none need settle. A
Detriment to the tenuous sense of stability
Erected around my self worth. A thing my doubts aren't
Fain to forget. A catalyst for
Gadarene self destruction.
Harbinger of hollow spaces grown more hollow;
Ichorous and seeping and impervious to my
Knowledge of all the
Little things that imply otherwise.
Many things that should sooth my fears,
Numerous in their ability to
Obfuscate the distress turned rising
Querulous and confusing and
Rife with reasons that aren't, really.
Simple is not applicable to absence in a sea of love.
Timorous and tangled and
Ultimately a
Very long list of pretty, yet painful
Words that are applicable, but
Xenogenous in nature,
Yawning wide to spew forth a
Zoetrope of insecurities.
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Bathtub Alphabet at 11pm
Almost silent save for the
Bursting of bubbles as I lounge
Cradled in the never quite
Deep enough depths of nearly
Froth. Faun is also featured, though at a
Gentle volume that mostly serves to
Hide the sound of a television that remains
Insistent from three rooms away. Currently a
Jaunty polska of pipes that aren't quite in
Keeping with my current mood. Kenetic in a way I am
My mind wanders over the
Niggling fact that this is what alone time has boiled down to for me.
Over thinking words written in a
Pretty smelling, but
Rapidly cooling
Quagmire of chemical additions designed to
Soothe, smooth, soften, satiate. Synthetic substitution for
Things I would far rather be the cause of that
Ultimate end.
Vexing really, that
Words are lately leaving me feeling a bit
Yet, the world keeps turning, and the last letter of the alphabet is still
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Mature content
Alphabet at 2am :iconkaierfly:Kaierfly 1 2
Mature content
Alphabet at 11pm, Revisited :iconkaierfly:Kaierfly 0 0
Alphabet at 1am, Reflection.
Abrasive are the sounds that
Barrel forth, biting and barren of
Care, cascading over the crapulent crimson that
Delineates the remains of an
Exaggerated pout.
Fairness is a word you keep bringing up yet,
Generally speaking, I don't think it
Happens to apply or
I would not still be a witness to this
Jarring spectacle of entitlement.
Kindness, some nights, reads like a
Long lost
Memory and I find myself longing for
Obviously not an option and yet...
Pretty please?
Query issued with biggest of doe eyes and
Sweetest of smiles.
This girl needs food fights and bangarang bad behavior tonight;
Urgently ululated
Vocalizations bordering
Xanthic firelit fun and
Yarling appreciation of activities rendered in
Zoetrope visual quality by the dance of flame.
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Empty Bed Alphabet at 3am
AM hours and still awake.
Bright eyed, bushy tailed and
Creeping through
Dusty memories
Enveloped in a
Feeling that I can't quite
How strange the tide of life,
Intricate ebb and flow that
Jerks things to and fro,
Kicked as haplessly as stones,
Little worry until it seems that
Mysteriously it's all changed.
Nothing in particular, but
Overall, it's different.
Perhaps it's always been this way,
Queer as queer can be, just more so
So it goes.
Tumbling onward and sweeping things
Up or aside unsuspectingly.
Vital motions repeated
With the familiarity of grasping at comfort. Wishing for a
Xanthous spark of magic and
Yearning for that feeling I can't quite grasp. Meanwhile all has changed while
Zed is still consistently last in my string of everything.
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Alphabet at 1am, Revisited.
Admonished for a small indulgence,
Bits of
Chocolate melting
Down in dough and pulled from oven
Early, to ensure they
Find my mouth in their favoured state of
Gooey perfection.
How can this be a bad thing even
If it does
Jump straight to my hips. You would
Know, because your criticism of my shape
Lashes out early in
My memories,
Now buried deep in the history
Of you
Policing my body.
Questions of why, and what, and how
Resonating as a cacophonous racket
Surging over all my desires to love myself for
The truth of who I am.
Unwilling to let me be all the things you
Viciously despise about yourself.
Where was your mind really, when your words spawned
Your sadness and self hate do not need to be my inheritance too.
Zig zag around your truths all you want, but don't take them out on me.
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Upload spam will be happening intermittently as I move some of the old stuff to the new place. Also, most of the poetry is new, quite a lot of it is erotic, so just a heads up. xD 
I decided that rather than going through the immense amount of work to update my old dA account, I'd just start a new one. I have changed so much as a person and an artist in the 13 years since I started that account that it's really more an echo of myself and a loose history of who I used to be. I don't want to mess with that in the process of trying to force it to reflect who I am and what I value in my art today.

I did, however, discover that over the last 10 or so years, honestly since I left California for Georgia and my life took a handful of very drastic turns for the worse before they finally came around to where I am today, I did a very horrible job of documenting and keeping track of art that meant something to my artistic process, or art that I was proud of. The end result is me sitting here staring at a blank gallery and realizing I don't have much to start it with.

This gallery will still be very much a mixed endeavor and will likely still include a combination of writing, traditional art, artisan crafts, photography and digital work. I will be moving some of the old stuff I like over here, mostly to dull the echo of an empty space I am trying to nest in to, but I feel like overall I should use this as a call to action. I'm planning to try and go through the art I have hung on to over the last ten years and put things here that I am proud of, or that I learned something from, or that still inspire me. I'm also going to use newly rekindled creative energies to fill this gallery with things I am currently working on. I want it to become a way to document this next stage of where I'm going and what I'm trying to accomplish. 

If you've followed me over from my old account, thank you. I know I haven't given you much reason to over the past decade or so, but I'm sincerely hoping to change that.



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Kai Frizzell
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I'm a twenty-nine year old varied artist living in the Sacramento Valley. California has been my home for most of my life, and everything else is subject to change.


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